Testimonial- Anna Newman

Don is the best and first money spent from my budget. Whatever size project, Don will raise the look to a higher level.”

Anna Newman, Producer

Testimonial- Jeff Casagrande, Total Media Group

Don is a very seasoned and talented Director of Photography. He is a consummate professional.”

Jeff Casagrande, Total Media Group

Testimonial- Victoria Lewis

Don is an amazing DP and knows his stuff creatively and technically. We have worked with him for years. Talent and crew love him.”

Victoria Lewis, Director

Testimonial- Jesse Carpenter, NASA

Don is a fantastic producer / director. He finds solutions and will go the extra mile to make the final results sing.”

Jesse Carpenter, NASA

Testimonial- Jane C. Wagner and Tina DiFeliciantonio, Naked Eye Productions Ltd.

“Our work is character based; Don’s sensitive and creative approach helps us translate individual stories in a visually compelling way.”

Jane C. Wagner and Tina DiFeliciantonio, Naked Eye Productions Ltd.

Testimonial- Marc Weiss

“I am just blown away at what Don was able to do! Beautifully shot and incredibly well put-together! It was such a pleasure working with him.”

Marc Weiss, Producer

Testimonial- Kevin White, Full Frame Productions

Don is an excellent DP experienced, knowledgeable, creative, thoughtful, and great to work with. He always exceeds expectations.”

Kevin White, Full Frame Productions

Testimonial- Fawn Yacker

Don is always on the look out for how to make the scene better. He is very present at all times and extremely focused.”

Fawn Yacker, Producer / Director

Testimonial- Brian J. Patterson

Don is every actor’s dream. He knows how to give the freedom to be creative, yet steer in the direction where the film needs to go.”

Brian J. Patterson, Actor

Testimonial- Tally Knott, EMG

“What I like about Don Starnes is that he puts the ‘P’ in professionalism. He goes over and beyond. He makes it happen.”

Tally Knott, EMG

Director of Photography occasional Director