Keying and compositing in NukeX

Skitch a ride up Nuke's steep learning curve


Minimum pre-requisites: Final Cut Pro 7, After Effects CS6, NukeX 9.0 and intermediate knowledge of these applications

Time required: at least 75 minutes

In this tutorial, I’ll share my NukeX keying and compositing template with you and explain how to use it with sample footage.

The Foundry’s Nuke is amazing, industrial-strength compositing software. However, its node-based interface and hard-core compositing concepts can be daunting if you are used to layer-based applications (such as Adobe After Effects).

This template and tutorial are for discriminating filmmakers who are working on underfunded projects and can’t hire a professional compositor.

Don Starnes directs and photographs movies and videos of all kinds and is based in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. He prefers real scenes, but shoots a lot green and blue screens.

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